Saturday, December 09, 2006

Finding the right workshop tool just got easier

Having the right tools is key to safe and efficient working and keeping customers happy and UK distributors for Hazet - Damar International - have put the company's 192 page catalogue on line.

Every workshop operates under pressure. Having the right tools to tackle both routine and out of the ordinary jobs is key to safe and efficient working and keeping customers happy. Responding to this, Damar International, UK distributors for Hazet precision automotive tools from Germany, have put the entire 192 page catalogue on line at and backed this up with expert phone support.

The Hazet range is a dream for engineers, technicians, specialists and other professionals who value quality.

In addition to the expected precision forged chrome plated and stainless sockets, wrenches and regular tools, there are cabinets for safe storage, tools for prestige marques and an extensive list of special tools.

Working in confined spaces for example?

Perhaps you need an endoscope or laser light to see the problem and flexible tools to fix it?

A tricky body repair?

Perhaps a special hammer to massage out minor dents without stretching the metal will provide the answer.

Hazet have developed solutions for many of these time consuming and frustrating repair and service tasks.

Tool users span a range of industries - automotive, agriculture, aerospace, engineering, motorcycles, marine and bodyshops.

Hazet have developed their tool ranges in partnership with world-class automotive manufacturers who specify Hazet as their factory approved tool choice for their production and dealer networks.

Damar can offer tools specially engineered by Hazet for almost any auto brand.

In the UK, Damar International work directly with major manufacturers, franchise holders, dealerships and independent workshops.

Managing director Brian Martin explained, 'We have been tool distributors for over 21 years, importing from 30 countries and exporting to over 50 countries and source from over 250 of the world's leading manufacturers.

This experience is a resource that we are happy to share with our worldwide customers so that whatever their needs we can source the right tools to solve their problems.' Hazet and other specialist tools can be viewed on Damar's Web site.

Low energy chillers save on usage costs

An air-cooled series of low energy Powercool chillers for industrial and process cooling applications provide the best EER performance and offer reduced energy costs for end-users.

Coolmation - the exclusive distributor of Rhoss chillers into the UK market - has introduced the new air-cooled series of low energy Powercool chillers (76.5kW up to 182kW cooling capacities) for industrial and process cooling applications. Specifically developed by Rhoss to provide the best EER (European Efficiency Ratio) performance available in their range, the eight-strong Powercool series is approved and listed under the Government's ECA scheme (Enhanced Capital Allowance), guaranteeing reduced capital investment and energy costs for end-users. Running on R407C refrigerant, Powercool chillers can generate water within a temperature range of +20 deg C to -5 deg C as standard, or optionally down to -10 deg C, if required.

They integrate the latest in energy efficient heat exchange and scroll compressor technology combined with advanced control strategy techniques to deliver low energy performance whatever the application.

Every Powercool chiller features two high efficiency scroll compressors, as standard.

Reliable in operation, these compressors are housed in a dedicated, sound insulated compartment, ensuring low noise levels and reduced vibration.

Each chiller also incorporates special plate type evaporators with two refrigerant circuits and one water circuit in a design that improves energy efficiency, especially at partial loads.

Chiller operation is managed by an intuitive, multi-functional microprocessor controller, which automatically regulates fan speed to optimize efficiency and maintain constant condensing temperatures in ambient conditions down to -10 deg C.

Powercool chillers are compact in size and available with a choice of options to suit particular application requirements.

They can be supplied with or without an integral circulating pump and high capacity buffer tank, or with a pump only.

Dual pump options are also provided for run and standby operation if required, whilst non ferrous pumps, tanks and pipework are available for clean water applications.

The chiller's design also makes maintenance quick and easy.

Dual access doors into the technical compartment give engineers fast and simple access to components for routine inspection, service and maintenance.

The air cooled condensers are also fitted with washable metallic filters to ease the cleaning process.

The performance of the Powercool series is verified by testing carried out in the new Rhoss Laboratory.

This new facility is one of only two in Europe, capable of operating chillers at their full capacity up to 1500kW, and has recently been officially endorsed by Eurovent to carry out certification tests.

Rhoss is one of Italy's largest manufacturers of water chillers, ranging in capacities from 3kW to 1500kW, and also produces a comprehensive selection of associated cooling and airside equipment.

All Rhoss spa products comply fully with the latest European legislation and standards.

All Coolmation equipment available to UK customers is designed for high reliability and manufactured to internationally recognised quality standards.

With offices in Lancashire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Bristol and a Head Office in Ringwood, Hampshire, Coolmation operates nationwide in chiller sales and installation, service, hire and technical support.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Vibration dampening rod end described

Latest literature offers detailed information on a vibration dampening rod end, which dampens the vibrations in unstable controls and allows for misalignments.

New literature featuring the VibraLink vibration dampening rod end is now available from Tuthill Controls Group. The new literature offers detailed information on this rod end, including its various applications and standard features. A model chart also offers a list of specifications, such as the various ball bores, ball and housing widths, centerline and thread lengths, and head and ball diameters, for the right and left hand part options.

The VibraLink rod end dampens the vibrations in unstable controls and allows for misalignments, helping avoid problems found in traditional vibration dampening ends.

VibraLink is suitable for many industrial/mechanical motion transfer applications.

Tuthill Controls provides mechanical controls to markets including aviation, performance racing, military, lawn and garden, construction equipment, farm equipment, industrial machinery, HVAC equipment, as well as other OEM and aftermarket parts applications.

Classical 180 deg cabinet door hinge has lift-off

Classical 180 deg cabinet door hinge design features lift-off and universal fitting - providing a smooth action and excellent wear characteristics - and are enhanced with a matched bearing washer.

This addition to the EMKA 1056 programme of hinges is an externally mounted 180 deg opening item specifically designed for the 'prominent' or 'dished' door configurations used on large custom cabinets. The classical design features lift-off capability and universal fitting (with M5 screws). Smooth action and excellent wear characteristics are enhanced with a matched bearing washer - especially important on heavier doors.

Finish is in matt black over a 'milled corner' hexagonal bar style of appearance for added safety, it also incorporates an off-centre hinge pin.

This pin offset adds clearance when lifting off/mounting doors and assists the gasket closure action.

Overall size is 64mm long - width is 15mm, which permits minimal frame margins and maximum door apertures.

Further information on EMKA products and services may be found at the EMKA Web site, where it is also possible to download any part or the entire EMKA product catalogue.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Flush slam lock ensures IP54 sealing

Considered ideal for doors or covers on many types of equipment housings where frequent access is required, a flush slam lock features foam gasketing with four-point ensuring IP54 sealing.

Typically thorough EMKA design and quality values have gone into their new concept 1130 flush slam lock. Simple fitting and simple operation characterise the 1130 - with it is easy to use paddle handle it is considered ideal for doors or covers on many types of equipment housings, including generator sets, HVAC cabs or other free standing equipment where frequent access is required. The 1130 features injected foam gasketing with 4 point fixing to ensure IP54 sealing.

It offers keylocking with all the standard EMKA key options and unusually permits slam locking with the mechanism in the locked position for added convenience.

Construction is in polyamide with a depth of 53mm to accommodate deep insulated doors.

Hole coating eases cartridge heater removal

A patented, high temperature solid lubricant coating, bonded directly to the heater sheath for ease of handling for cartridge heaters, facilitates easy removal from precision drilled holes.

Durex Industries introduces a patented, high temperature coating for cartridge heaters that facilitates easy removal from precision drilled holes. The Duraslik coating acts as a solid lubricant once the heater has been energized in service. There is no need for additional release agents to be applied to the heater sheath prior to insertion.

In addition, the Duraslik coating inhibits corrosion and facilitates an even heat transfer in the application, effectively lengthening the service life of the heater itself.

The coating is available on all standard and metric sheath sizes.

All Durex cartridge heaters are high density swaged units and are manufactured to customer specifications.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Extranet details filtration products

An on-line extranet information service provides details of filtration products covering Product, Contact, Marketing, Learning, Customer Knowledge, Competitive, Policies and Procedures and Sector.

Donaldson Membranes continues its commitment to providing first class filtration solutions with the release of The Membranes Info Centre- an online self-help facility for customers. Aimed at buyers, both OEMs and end users, the Extranet is available via a password which customers can use to access a web-based application linked to Donaldson Membrane's main Web site. Donaldson Membranes' Info Centre is designed to improve the delivery of critical information to its employees, agents, partners, and other channel members.

Donaldson Membranes allows you to search information located in eight centres - Product, Contact, Marketing, Learning, Customer Knowledge, Competitive, Policies and Procedures and Market Sector.

The goal is to provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Since The Membranes Info Centre is a secured site, access is permitted only with a valid username and password, and your role determines the centres you can view.

Each centre has a vital role.

For instance, The Product Centre provides a comprehensive breakdown of all details required to make an informed choice about selecting Donaldson Membranes' range of Tetratex expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes.

These high performance laminates offer superior dust cake release, low pressure drop, higher air flow, and high efficiency, making Tetratex an excellent choice for applications in a variety of markets including: industrial filtration; pharmaceutical; microfiltration; fuel cell, fine chemicals; food and plastics, and more.

The Product Centre details safety standards, certifications and specifications, including vital information about performance.

The Contact Centre gives contact information for technical services, customer support, and all Donaldson sales offices.

The Marketing Centre has a graphics library with downloadable product images, complete with logos, press coverage and exhibition information.

Meanwhile the Customer Knowledge Centre provides access to cad drawings, presentations, specific product information, and available sales support and materials.

To ensure that visitors get the best out of The Membranes Info Centre there is a Quick Start Guide explaining how to navigate the site and search for information, and a FAQs section for technical help and troubleshooting.

Locking bush enables a compact machine assembly

Octopus locking bush for a simple mechanical solution works with the hydraulic pressure available on a tablet compaction simulator to give a compact assembly easy to connect and disconnect.

Huxley Bertram Engineering design and make special purpose industrial machinery. When their new tablet compaction simulator needed a holding brake, the need was met by an ETP Octopus locking bush for a simple mechanical solution. The ETP Octopus works with the hydraulic pressure available on the machine and gives a compact assembly that is easy to connect and disconnect.

Huxley Bertram, based at Cottenham near Cambridge, UK, developed their new two-pillar machine for pharmaceutical companies to use in the development of new commercial drugs, or to mimic the performance of production compaction machinery for the purpose of investigating production problems.

Typical output rates are 1-2 tablets per minute.

A hopper filled with powder is positioned over the die-plate in the centre of the machine.

Powder falls into the die and the hopper is retracted when the level, confirmed by a laser sensor, is correct.

At the final compaction stage where maximum force is applied, a locking brake is needed to stop the tendency of the hydraulic oil compressing and giving a bounce effect.

The lower actuator is locked by a bush called the Octopus.

ETP, a Swedish company, is the manufacturer.

They specialise in hydro-mechanical connection technology.

The Octopus is a hydraulic actuated joint with a flanged end and, in this application, it is rigidly fixed under the die plate.

When the tablet is compressed and the machine hydraulic pressure of 280-bar applied, the inner sleeve of the cylinder contracts and rigidly grips a split collet, which transmits the force through to the 45mm actuator rod.

The action is fast and repeatable with a life of about 500,000 cycles.

With the bottom actuator locked, final compaction can be carried out using the top actuator.

Then the tablet is ejected into an output carousel.

Designed to transmit both torque and axial forces, the Octopus bush is rated at 67kN axially, safely above the maximum piston force of 50kN.

Lenze supply ETP Octopus bushes in a standard range to clamp shafts between 30 and 100 mm and special designs are possible.

Other application areas include the locking of machine slides and tool holders in machining centres.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Platform system can be adapted very quickly

A novel and patented clamp allows a safe and secure platform system to be assembled into any size or shape adapting it from one project to another with ease, to create an aviation stand.

Aviation research, development and maintenance requires that engineers walk on top of aircraft to access difficult to reach areas. This creates a health and safety problem that must be addressed. Existing aviation staging is not versatile enough as it is a fixed structure and does not adjust to meet different aircraft dimensions.

It also cannot be flat packed from transportation.

* Lobo Systems' safe and secure platform product - the unique and patented clamp allows the system to be assembled into any size or shape.

Engineers can reconfigure the system, adapting it from one project to another with ease, to create an aviation stand or fall protection system around any aircraft.

By fitting wheel kits the system can be made mobile for fast deployment.

The system can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled quickly without the use of tools.

It can be flat packed and is easily transportable.

* The benefits - the unique versatility of the Lobo System brings cost and labour reduction, enhanced efficiency and performance together with a safer working environment.

Its transportability means it can be used anywhere in the world and can be erected by anyone.

This allows aviation mechanics to assemble the system to their exact requirements, thus saving on labour costs whilst meeting stringent health and safety regulations.

The Lobo System creates a safe working environment, which increases productivity and maximizes the return on investment.

Modular platform system met safety regulations

An automotive plant had to implement a multi-purpose scaffolding work platform system that must meet safety regulations and strict safety regulations - solved by a modular platform system.

General Motors has to implement a multi-purpose scaffolding work platform system that must meet safety regulations and GM's strict safety regulations. Traditional scaffolding is too heavy and cumbersome, while aluminium towers do not always meet their safety rules. * The solution - Lobo Systems' safe and secure platform product.

The unique and patented clamp allows the system to be assembled with out the use of tools into any size or shape.

This allows GM maintenance crews to attach a guardrail at any point on the system.

This means personnel are not exposed to the risk of a fall during assembly, thereby meeting the safety rules.

* The benefits - by attaching a guardrail from a lower level, before it is needed, ensures a safe system is built.

This unique versatility of the Lobo System brings a safe working procedure to GM, which not only meets safety requirements, but also meets GM's tough safety policy.

The use of a body harness can now also be revisited and under certain conditions relaxed completely.

The Lobo System also brings cost reduction, enhanced efficiency and performance as maintenance crews can build their own platforms at any time.

The Lobo System creates a safe working environment, which increases productivity and maximizes the return on investment.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Green coloured workbenches signifies 'lead-free'

Workbenches can now be coated with a special green color to help identify lead-free areas in manufacturing plants - helping uses cope with 'Restrictions on the use Of Hazardous Substances'.

Pro-Line, a recognized leader in modular ergonomics, announces that its workbenches can now be coated with a special green color to help identify lead-free areas in manufacturing plants. The new color, PGS6 green, was specifically developed for lead-free designation and is available on any of Pro-Line's workbench lines. This is particularly significant given the recent adoption of the directive known as 'Restrictions on the use Of Hazardous Substances' (RoHS).

This directive, which went into effect in Europe on July 1, 2006, mandates that electrical and electronic products (EEE) put in the market within the European Union (EU) shall contain restrictive levels of lead, as well as other substances, including cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers.

For manufacturers who ship product to Europe, the designation of an area as completely 'lead-free' is a critical element in complying with RoHS.

Because most U.S.

manufacturing plants are not completely lead-free, the solution is to designate one or more areas as lead free; workbenches, chairs, floor matting and other items are painted green so that employees will not introduce lead into these areas and contaminate product that is shipping to Europe.

Intended to protect human health and the environment RoHS applies to electrical and electronic equipment that is dependent on electric or electromagnetic fields in order to work properly.

It also applies to some equipment used for the generation, transfer, and measurement of such currents and fields designed for use with a voltage rating not exceeding 1,000V for alternating current (AC) and 1,500V for direct current (DC).

Non radioactive static control systems

Meech International, a world leading manufacturer and supplier of static control systems has developed its technology based on active electrical systems rather than radioactive materials.

The radioactive substance Polonium 210 has been prominent in the news recently following reports that it was used to poison the Russian ex- spy Alexander Litvinenko. This naturally occurring radioactive material emits highly hazardous alpha particles and in high doses can damage human tissues and organs. In industry, Polonium 210 can be found in applications such as a heat source for satellite power supplies and also in some types of static control systems.

Whilst Polonium 210-based systems can provide effective neutralisation of static charge, their hazardous nature is such that special precautions must be taken; these can be both extremely onerous and costly.

However, Oxfordshire-based, Meech International, a world leading manufacturer and supplier of static control systems has developed its technology based on active electrical systems rather than radioactive materials.

These systems are installed worldwide and are well proven in resolving problems of poor quality and productivity associated with uncontrolled static charge.

'Over the years we have been very successful in replacing existing radioactive ionisation systems installed in factories throughout the world.' says Steve Pheasant, Sales and Marketing Director.

'Many companies have found that the controls necessary in order to use radioactive systems safely have become too prohibitive and the effectiveness of modern non-radioactive systems can make the change- over an easy process.' Engineers at Meech are happy to answer any queries that companies may have regarding the use of Polonium 210 in static control systems and to suggest effective, safe alternatives.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Modular workbench surface adjusts easily

A modular horizontal leg workbench with rugged structural steel frame and steel uprights has a work surface that easily adjusts from 30 inches to 36 in high on 1in increments.

Modular workbench surface adjusts easily A modular horizontal leg workbench with rugged structural steel frame and steel uprights has a work surface that easily adjusts from 30 inches to 36 in high on 1in increments. Pro-Line, a recognized leader in modular ergonomics, announces 'The Basic' modular horizontal leg workbench with structural steel frame and steel uprights. This rugged workbench provides maximum durability as well as the ergonomic advantage of a work surface that easily adjusts from 30in to 36in high on 1in increments.

It is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, from laboratory to assembly to R and D.

'The Basic' from Pro-Line is available as a single-sided stand-alone bench or a double-side stand-alone bench.

For added versatility and value, add-on benches are available for both of these versions.

'The Basic' is designed to hold a wide range of accessories, including an overhead dual bulb light and frame, metal cantilever shelf, parts bin holder, power strip, and more.

A full 65in high from floor to top of frame, 'The Basic' is offered in three different lengths: 48in, 60in and 72in.

This aesthetically pleasing workbench comes standard with a durable circuit blue powder coat, while options are painted with a durable textured black powder coat.

Swinghandles need no screws for securement

Screws were required to secure a swinghandle on an enclosure, now swinghandles are simply snapped into place in the prepared panel and saves up to 90% of hardware installation time.

DIRAK, a global innovator in latches, locks and hinges, has further expanded its extensive swinghandle product offering to incorporate D-Snap technology. Until now, screws were required to secure the swinghandle on the enclosure. Now, swinghandles incorporating D-Snap Technology, marketed under the Snap-Line brand, are simply snapped into place in the prepared panel.

D-SNAP Technology dramatically speeds up the installation process, because no screws, nuts or tools are needed.

This saves up to 90% of hardware installation time.

Swinghandles are ideal for gaining access to enclosures.

Operating this handle is as easy as simply lifting the top portion and rotating the handle.

These handles are recommended for use on any sheet metal cabinet such as those commonly found on enclosures in data centers, telecommunications equipment, and industrial machinery.

DIRAK swinghandles offer 4-6mm compression, single and multi-point latching, and multiple locking options.

The swinghandle is currently available with profile cylinders, standard inserts and a combination of insert and padlock mechanisms.

Snap-Line swinghandles are currently available for use with profile cylinders.

Additional lock variations are currently in development for the Snap-Line swinghandle for inserts, padlocks, cylinder barrels or combination locks.

What makes Snap-Line swinghandles so unique is a set of spring-loaded wings that are inserted into a channel in the swinghandle housing.

This allows the wings to move freely so they can be inserted into the panel cutout.

As the wings retract after passing through the cutout, the Snap-Line swinghandle is held securely in place, even in severe vibration applications.

Strength and durability are comparable to those products that are installed via traditional assembly methods.

The benefit to customers is ease of installation resulting in significant reduction in assembly time.

Since the swinghandle does not require mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, screws) the risk of hardware loosening over time and damaging sensitive electronic equipment is eliminated.

Different sizes of spring-loaded wings make it possible to use the swinghandle in any sheet metal thickness.

Many applications for swinghandles involve the use of rod latch systems.

Before D-Snap technology screws were required to secure the swinghandle in place.

Then, the rod latch system was installed separately, requiring a second step and additional mounting hardware.

Now with D-Snap technology, the Snap-Line swinghandle and rod latch system are installed as one component.

The bottom part of the handle is hooked into the sheet metal cutout and the top with its spring-loaded set of wings is easily snapped into place.

The flat rods are simply inserted and secured with a cap.

Installation is accomplished without ever having to use hardware or tools.

The installation cutout for a swinghandle with D-Snap technology is the same as the one that is used for a swinghandle which is installed with traditional methods.

A change in panel preparation is not needed to gain the benefits of a Snap-Line swinghandle.

They are suitable for either RH or LH applications and many of the swinghandles are water and dust tight meeting IP65 and EN60529 certification (NEMA 4/12).

Snap-Line swinghandles are made of polyamide and zinc die-cast and come in a variety of colors.

* About DIRAK - DIRAK products are sold and distributed globally through a network of authorized sales representatives.

Other products in the DIRAK modular Locking, Latching, and Hinging System family include quick release fasteners, quarter-turn fasteners, snap/push locks, knobs, handles, wing-L and T handles, hinges, and EMI/RFI gasketing.