Friday, February 23, 2007

Worm drive hose clips supported

L Robinson has invested in the provision of customer support for its worm drive hose clips, providing a wide choice of Jubilee workshop packs and kits.

Jubilee clip manufacturer, L Robinson has, over recent years, invested heavily in providing strong customer support for its well-known brand of worm drive hose clips. As a result of this investment, distributors now benefit from a plethora of trade counter point-of-sale accessories whilst busy hands-on engineering personnel have access to a wide choice of Jubilee workshop packs and kits. A varied selection of Jubilee clip dispenser display units allows the company to cater for wholesales and distributors with large trade counters, as well as those with more modest requirements.

Flexibility of design enables distributors to choose from either a Handy Pack point-of-sale display box holding a selection of 10 different clip sizes or the largest Jubilee Smart Dispenser, holding up to 540 clips.

All dispenser units, depending on the size, also include one or two Flexidriver tools, designed to access those awkwardly positioned Jubilee clips.

For the workshop mechanic, Jubilee clips are supplied in a selection of re-usable containers, packs or kits depending on requirement.

These include the popular Workshop Pack containing 143 clips, the Junior Assortment Box holding 165 nut and bolt clips, the 'O' Clip Kit, which houses 175 assorted 2-ear clamps and the recently introduced smaller, Pocket Pack supplied strapped in packs of 10 for wholesalers and distributors.

This latest innovation from L Robinson will appeal to home car mechanics and small garage businesses etc.