Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Couplings designed to reduce factory downtimes

Grid, gear, disc and elastomer couplings are all designed to ensure long life and smooth operation on the factory floor, minimising costly downtime.

WYKO Industrial Services has added Grid, Gear, Disc and Elastomer couplings to its world-renowned Falk Couplings range. The new additions are all designed to ensure long life and smooth operation on the factory floor, minimising costly downtime. They provide a combination of easy installation, high load capacity, minimum maintenance requirements and the ability to effectively dampen vibration and reduce the effects of shock loads.

One of the major strengths of the Falk range is the variety of coupling types to suit different applications and variable operating conditions.

Whether the operating requirement is more flexibility, lower maintenance, higher torque, improved load protection, simple cost-effective performance or something else, there is most likely a Falk coupling to suit.

This facility is further extended with Wyko's new introductions, which include: Steelflex Grid Couplings, Wrapflex Elastomer Couplings, Freedom Disc Couplings and Lifelign Gear Couplings.

All are offered in a wide range of sizes and have torque and bore capacities to satisfy a whole host of application parameters.

A simple and cost effective alternative to gear couplings, the Falk Steelflex Grid range combines the high load capacity with the flexibility of an elastomer design.

The Falk Steelflex Couplings offer simpler installation than gear types, but sacrifice nothing in torque performance with ratings up to 932,000Nm.

They also provide protection against shaft misalignment and effectively dampen vibration and reduce the effects of shock loads by as much as 30%.

The unique 'replace in place' Grid Spring design of the Steelflex couplings eliminates the need to move hubs or re-align shafts, reducing Grid Spring change-out time.

Added to this, low initial cost and a guaranteed five-year , no-maintenance run time - with the use of long-lasting lubricant - assure the lowest lifetime operating cost in the torque range.

Setting new standards for reducing downtime, Wyko's new Falk Wrapflex coupling is a low cost, low maintenance, non-lubricated elastomer unit.

With Wrapflex, quick and easy installation and replacement is guaranteed because motors don't need to be moved.

The 'replace-in-place' elements at the heart of the design even eliminate the need for time-consuming realignment of power transmission components.

Available in 3 styles and 9 sizes the Wrapflex couplings have bore capacities up to 186mm, operate in the torque range to 15,000Nm and are backed by a three-year warranty.

WYKO's Falk Freedom Disc Couplings are a practical alternative to lubricated and elastomer couplings in many applications.

They are unaffected by extremes of temperature and moisture - which can be real problems for elastomer couplings - and their operating life is not reduced by exposure to sunlight or ozone.

Designed to provide continuous high-speed service with virtually no maintenance, the Freedom couplings have no moving parts, so lubrication is not required and production time is optimised.

Easy to install, the Freedom couplings are designed incorporating unitised Stainless Steel discpacks which ensures simple maintenance and a 'no backlash' connection.

The final new introduction to the WYKO-Falk range, Lifelign gear couplings, provide a low cost, long lasting solution to both large and small coupling requirements.

Designed to AGMA standards to achieve wide interchangability, and triple-crowned for maximum capacity, Lifelign couplings offer the highest bore capacities and ratings and are built to last longer as a result of such factors as superior lubrication (Long Term Grease) and a four point seal, both of which extend life and reduce maintenance.

Available in four types, with either flanged or continuous sleeves, the Lifelign couplings are suitable for a wide range of applications on such equipment as bulk handling systems, fans, pumps, cranes mixers, crushers, coilers, feed rolls, straighteners, as used in Steel and Paper making applications etc.