Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stainless steel cabinet cooler prevents ingress

The MAT stainless steel Cabinet Cooler provides a cold air source to stop cabinets overheating and prevents the ingress of contamination such as dust or moisture.

The DSV Mermaid Commander is a dynamically positioned dive support vessel, employed in offshore subsea construction and maintenance worldwide. Part of the Thoresen Thai Group of Thailand, the boat is run by Mermaid Maritime , a company providing a range of marine services. As well as supplying safety equipment, training and ships chandlery, the company deploys 3 offshore service vessels, including the Mermaid Commander, to support diving teams undertaking projects such as classification surveys and salvage and underwater repairs.

On board the Mermaid Commander is a sophisticated ship management system.

This uses state-of-the-art electronics and combines ship operation and control functionalities within a single integrated environment.

As with many control systems contained in confined spaces, a heat is generated when it is operational.

Many organisation use refrigerant cooling systems to avoid overheating and malfunction.

However, many of these systems on the market are both expensive and bulky.

The Electronics Technology Officer (ETO) on board the Mermaid Commander looked to find a smaller and more efficient solution.

Meech International had the ideal product - the MAT stainless steel Cabinet Cooler.

This provides a cold air source to stop cabinets overheating and prevents the ingress of contamination such as dust or moisture.

The Cabinet Cooler comprises a vortex tube that produces cold air that flows into the cabinet through the bulkhead fitting.

It is then ducted to the centre of the cabinet.

All Meech Cabinet Coolers are capable of cooling up to 2400 Btu/hr 703 Watts and are supplied with a set of four generators that can be easily interchanged for optimum efficiency.

The MAT Cabinet Cooler has been installed in the DSV Mermaid Commander and provides a compact and effective solution for keeping the management system from overheating.

For added efficiency, a thermostat solenoid has been supplied with the Cooler so it only starts operating when a certain temperature is reached.

This reduces the amount of compressed air that is used, so lowering operational costs.

Manufactured in stainless steel and with no moving parts, the Cabinet Coolers can be used in harsh environments, with little or no maintenance required.

A further safety feature is the inclusion of a pressure relief valve to prevent the cabinet from over pressurising.

'We are delighted with the Cabinet Cooler.' says Chris Airey, ETO on the vessel.

'It is especially useful as we operate in very hot conditions and it is important that our management system work at all times.