Thursday, January 25, 2007

SS gas springs demand met by CNC turning

Industrial gas springs manufacturer has installed a fourth CNC twin-turret lathe to cope with increased demand for high quality stainless steel gas springs.

Leading gas spring manufacturer Indstrial Gas Springs has increased its investment in the quality and efficiency of its customer service with the installation of a fourth Miyano machine at its Mitcham headquarters. The BNJ-42SY turning centre will provide the extra capacity it needs to handle an increased demand for its high quality stainless steel gas springs. 'The CNC fixed head, two-spindle, two turret lathe will run 24/7, machining all kinds of components such as rods and bodies up to 42mm in diameter in one operation rather than two,' explained operations manager Tony Smith.

'The availability of greater variation in simultaneous front and back processing and a Y-axis slide, speeds up the cycle time by around 35% compared with machines which have two spindles and one turret.' Other features of the BNJ-42SY serve to reduce downtime and significantly improve productivity.

Equipped with a fully automated IEMCA short bar feeder that enables unattended running, the machine 'dials-up' a designated engineer whenever it runs out of material or when integral torque sensors detect a problem such as tool breakage.

A powerful and versatile machine which can be quickly configured to produce short turnaround parts with small batch sizes, it can be set up at the end of the day and left to run 'lights out' throughout the night to keep pace with demand for the company's extensive product range.

The installation provides another tool which serves to further increase the company's manufacturing capabilities certified to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

'We chose the Miyano because those already installed in the factory were reliable and easy to operate,' explained field sales manager James Godbold.

'The machine fits our requirements for producing in one cycle, parts that would normally require a secondary operation to complete.

This in turn, makes it possible to offer customers a highly efficient service and fast turnaround, giving them the confidence in the performance of the products and the assurance that they will receive their orders on time.' * About Industrial Gas Springs - based at Mitcham, Surrey, IGS has established a 20-year track record as Britain's leading supplier of industrial gas springs both to UK and increasingly, export markets.

The company's vast product range is applied across the widest spectrum of manufacturing industry and its in-house design, applications engineering and manufacturing capabilities are certified to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.