Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cover stays stabilise control cabinet doors

Cover stays fixed with automatic latching or telescopic with manual push button latching solve the problem of doors being unwieldy - on uneven surfaces or outdoors in gusty winds.

Three cover stays from EMKA - the first fixed with automatic latching and the other two telescopic with manual push button latching - compliment their range of hinged, strut type, cantilevered (for 180 deg opening) and sliding door stops. This provides a solution for difficult situations where cabinet doors and instrumentation panel covers can be unwieldy, especially in gusty winds or on an uneven surface where gravity insists on closing the door on you. To assist installation and maintenance of cabinet mounted equipment, EMKA now supply a full range of door stops, wind stops and stays for the specialist enclosure builder.

These are all supplied in zinc or nickel plated mild steel designed for bolt, screw or weld fixing and can therefore be used on enclosures of all types whether steel, stainless steel, GRP, plastic or wood.

Various door/panel sizes are catered for and typical opening/stop angles range from 90 deg through 105, 120, 135 to 180 deg, as telescopic stays and strut type stops have a range of mounting positions possible to suit different cabinet/door combinations.