Monday, August 07, 2006

Multiloop controller software can be downloaded

Applicable where more than a couple of PID controllers are needed, a multiloop controller is said to be ideal for smaller temperature and process control systems, extruders and ovens.
.PC-PID LLC announces that the beta release of their multiloop controller 'pCon with OPC' is now available for free download from their website. The company thinks 'pCon is just perfect' - but tell them what you think. This is your chance to try the full-featured version of pCon for free.

PC-PID LLC offers up to 100% discount on the final release of pCon with OPC to their best Beta Testers.

pCon is a Windows PC software-based multiloop autotune gain-scheduled PID controller, temperature controller and process controller with integrated configurable HMI operator interface touch screens for temperature, level, pressure, pH, or any other variable that can be measured and controlled.

A PC running pCon can control up to 128 separate PID feedback control loops.

Hundreds of different brands of I/O sensors, outputs, relays and PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) can be connected locally to the pCon PC or over many different communication networks using OPC (OLE for Process Control).

You can also monitor and control pCon from any remote networked PC or even over the Internet using PCAnywhere.

Due to its low price, PCon is applicable where you need more than a couple of PID controllers, you need an HMI operator interface with lots of features that you don't want to program, and you don't need the investment in cost, engineering, training or support of a DCS system.

PCon is ideal for smaller temperature and process control systems, extruders, ovens, water treatment systems, building HVAC systems, etc